Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rain Boots Not Needed

Of course a California girl does not pack properly for Washington weather. Just about every day I needed to use my relative’s assistance in attire completion. Today’s call was for rain boots.  Not just any type of shoe, but most specifically rain boots. A shoe that is easy to rinse off alpaca poop and prevent my foot fetish disorder from arising. 

I visited 14 Alpacas and 1 llama. 

The property was beautiful.  What I thought was going to be wet and muddy was actually dry and green.  What I thought was going to be poopy and stinky was actually picked up and sold as organic fertilizer. I had the experience of feeding them by hand, crossing my fingers I would neither get bit, kicked, or spit on! And I survived. 

My aunt and uncle have a lovely cabin house they built themselves. I got the grand tour and watched a special video they made of the whole process. I was also lucky enough to meet this guy... what do you think he is, an alpaca or standard poodle? Fits in pretty well dontcha think?

This is Basmati

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  1. Glad u had fun. U look like a natural out there with your boots on. Now time to get to work. Don't forget to watch where u step and if they bite you all u have to do is bite them back. They will learn. I knew you were a country girl at heart.:-)