Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blissful Week

Bet ya'll think I'm a traveling junkie. One minute here, another minute there. That is somewhat accurate. This has been one of those go everywhere do everything summers. It's my first year working for a school district and taking advantage of a work free pay included summer! Lovin' it... to say the least! 

Mom & I decided to do a random girls trip to Avila & stay at the Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort. It's a wonderful getaway surrounded by preserved wildlife. I absolutely love the spanish style decor and architecture. While we were here we relaxed & took advantage of the Mineral Spring tub on our own deck outside our own cottage.. jealous yet? Not to mention the Deep Sea Custom Facial that made our skin feel renewed. Everything about this adventure has been relaxing.

Be ready, scary picture coming up soon... real soon...

Bam! Post Facial 

Once we fixed ourselves up and covered our enlarged pores we traveled down to the Olde Port Inn for  lunch. Lunch was fabulous but the dessert was even better. It makes a gluten free gal's dream come true. 

Butterfinger Ice Cream Pie. 
A man asked if we were sisters... 

The pier was windy and filled with those birds that you fear will poop in your hair while flying over. 

These guys!

oh and... 

These guys!

Boats filled the bay. All out of my price range. 

Ok, maybe this one isn't...

To conclude this long eventful post, lets just say its been a great getaway and much needed relaxation. 

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