Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One Leaves Another Returns

It's amazing what true friends can do to our lives. They are placed in us for specific reasons and we don't always know the exact reasons why. 

After hearing the news a few months back that a great friend of two years was interviewing for a job back east I knew I was gonna lose something. Someone who was a weekly lunch buddy, Starbucks drinking friend, running partner, yogurt eater, gluten free advocate and strong Christian sister. She decided to set forth a dream and accomplish it. 

She did it. 
Sarah & I after my first half marathon! Thanks to her support!
Before her departure for Boston, we discussed ways to make it special. I decided to throw a baseball themed party including her soon to be favorite team the Boston Red Sox.

I got out my craft supplies and the eminent Cricut machine to make the magic happen. 

Candy Buffet was totally a hit! 
Hours later a fabulous party was taking place with; peanuts, hot dogs, brisket and the best bubble gum ever, Big League Chew. 

She said her farewells or as she would call them "see you laters" to the friends she met over the past couple years. 

Packed up her bags and headed east. 

I know she will be blessed with great things as she moves on with this endeavor. God rewards those who follow His will, and that I am certain. (Hebrews 11:6)

Call me selfish but I miss her.

A few weeks go by... I met with a lifelong friend for a margarita and some lunch. One of those friends you haven't seen for months but the minute you're together its like you pick up right where you left off. 

She moved away and recently moved back to start her career. We both share so much in common and enjoy every minute we're together. Not to mention we live 1 mile away from each other. 

Even though I've said "see you later" to a close friend (who I know I will be visiting) the Lord has reestablished a friendship that was missed. 

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