Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fair Gone Vegas

Where did I go? I'm not much of a fair person. Never have been. Free tickets were offered to me in the final week of the fair, so I got out my boots, frayed jeans, plaid shirt and went on my way. Why pass up free money?!

What was surprising? It seems, the excitement surrounding the fair is the food. Corn dogs, tacos, dipped cones, and deep fried whatever, you name it and it's there. The part the amazes me is how much the fair has grow over the years. These vendors go all out with LED screens, neon lights, and music.

Was it worth the money? So I'll admit, I bought a corn dog, 2 chicken tacos, and a chocolate dipped cone. It's outrageous how much the food costs. I don't know how these families do it taking their 5 children to the fair. Or maybe they don't... considering the choice of pajama pants and camisole as an evening outfit (yikes).

What did I want to do? I usually don't do traveling rides. There is something about them that freaks me out. Although; I will say, I was feeling the ferris wheel. As soon as I found out it was $10 to ride for a total of 5 minutes, it wasn't so appealing.

Would I go back? I wouldn't say I'd never go back but its definitely not on my to do list for 2012. Every time I go, the main attraction that I'm interested in, is the livestock. It's cool to see all the hard work the 4-H and FFH kids put into the fair. *side note* not so cool when a parent explained to me that the steer I was petting would be in an freezer next week. Don't get me wrong I'm a meat lover but that was a entirely different perspective. 

Overall, it was a great time to people watch and explore the fairgrounds!