Thursday, December 29, 2011

True Gift

There is nothing like gaining 10lbs over Christmas break due to neighbors, friends, and family delivering baked goods. I'm giving out candy to all who need or want it. Be careful, it just might be shoved in your purse without you knowing.

Every morning I wake up in hopes that it's still Christmas. So I turn on the tree lights and start up the fire. Pure joy. Our annual tradition took place on Christmas Eve with a thieving secret Santa kinda game. Except grams and pops provide all the gifts (gift cards this year!). We enjoyed the traditional baked potato dinner and battled at some Christmas Bingo. Can't beat it.

The family gathered for church that evening and made a bet on who would drip wax on themselves first. Grams blew hers out before the song ended, in fear she would lose. As you can see... it's a competitive family.

Christ was present that evening, not a question about it. My soul felt the worth. My heart was full and my eyes were constantly blinking, holding back the tears. I'm thinkin the older I get, the more I get it.

It wasn't about giving this year as much as receiving. Receiving the true gift. An eternal gift that nothing can compare to. Im thankful for our Savior.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Oreo Pops

Here is another fun, ridiculously easy snack directly from Pinterest. They are a piece of cake to make, and delicious. If only they came gluten free, I'd be in heaven!

Last Friday, the Wells Fargo Christmas party was at my house. I decided to throw together a candy buffet. The white chocolate dipped Joe-Joe's were a hit! All it takes is some store bought oreos, candy melts, and some candy rods. Totaling for less than $10. 

1. Lay a sheet of wax paper. 
2. Gently push the sticks through the cookie.
3. Melt the chocolate bark for 1 minute 30 sec. Stir, then repeat every 30 seconds until completely melted. 
4. Dip each oreo into the chocolate, either covering it entirely or half way. 
5. Add some sprinkle and lay them on the wax paper to harden.
 6. Within 10 minutes they are ready! 

The Candy Cane Joe-Joe's are the way to go! 

I wish I took a picture of them arranged on the candy buffet, but I am sure I will make them again. Enjoy :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Decorating Extravaganza!

I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner. Wasn't it just Halloween?! I have a new addiction... Pinterest. This site distracts me from the million other things that I should be doing. It's creating new habits and hobbies for me to take on , in my spare time, which is rare! Visit my site and check out all the corkboards I've designed.

Here is a fun, super easy, craft I threw together one evening. I saw this idea at Joann's and couldn't believe how much it was. After Thanksgiving I went shopping and purchased all the materials for less than $15 dollars.  The cardboard letter was on sale for $2.99, garland $9.99, and the burlap was cut funky so it totaled out at $1.99. STEAL!

Here is my version.

So easy, so simple. I love plain but creative. This women is a phenominal blogger, with a huge heart. Check her out for fun and easy ideas!

Here is how I did it:

I bought the garland of holly and cut each piece off to fit in various places. It was originally $24.99 but like I said before, I got it on sale for $9.99!

Just a little bit of glue here and there. Tah dah! The burlap is my fav. I could put it all over my house.
The "P" I made for a friend and it was a piece of cake to hang. Other letters could be a challenge. I had a difficult time deciding whether or not I wanted to glue the holly on the sides of the letter since it is three-dimensional. After all I chose not to. Now would be a good time to buy this stuff (save for next year) since Christmas decor is on sale! Good luck crafting :)