Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ear Plugs and Friends

Some people may think it's funny, others may think it's weird, and the other others may think it's straight up legit.

One day while taking a big test a young man was sitting behind me. He either had a cold, allergies, or just a runny nose but regardless of what it was, it was causing him to sniffle. I mean, sniffle like every 3-5 seconds. Yes I counted.

At one point during the test I stood up, walked to the front of the classroom and grabbed the entire Kleenex box. I sat that puppy on his desk and proceeded on with my test. That might not have been the most appropriate action to take but I did it.

Chewing food, licking fingers, popping gum, clicking on the computer, sniffling, slurping, groaning, and many other sounds have a name. It's called Misphonia. I know, odd.

After many years of being overly annoyed and almost angry I decided to do some research. A show I love and watch (when I can) is Live with Kelly
or as some remember Live with Regis & Kelly. That woman is a character and a 1/2.

One day she was talking about how much she hated hearing her husband eat and drink, that it literally drove her to the wall. Immediately I had a realization.

This is me. It has to be.

The google freak that I am, I immediately researched what this Misophonia disorder was all about. BAM, there it was, definition- "hatred of sound". It sounded perfect and fit the idea of what my issue was. I'm not afraid to admit it, but self diagnosing is probably not the best either. Since there is not a cure for it, it must not be that bad.

This disorder is mainly for people who cant stand soft, barely audible sounds. Sounds that the typical folks don't even notice. So how do I cope or deal with this craziness? Either cover my ears and completely ignore you or wear ear plugs. Neat right?

Lets just hope I find some other than neon yellow. :)

- Love your Misophoniac