Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Decorating Extravaganza!

I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner. Wasn't it just Halloween?! I have a new addiction... Pinterest. This site distracts me from the million other things that I should be doing. It's creating new habits and hobbies for me to take on , in my spare time, which is rare! Visit my site and check out all the corkboards I've designed.

Here is a fun, super easy, craft I threw together one evening. I saw this idea at Joann's and couldn't believe how much it was. After Thanksgiving I went shopping and purchased all the materials for less than $15 dollars.  The cardboard letter was on sale for $2.99, garland $9.99, and the burlap was cut funky so it totaled out at $1.99. STEAL!

Here is my version.

So easy, so simple. I love plain but creative. This women is a phenominal blogger, with a huge heart. Check her out for fun and easy ideas!

Here is how I did it:

I bought the garland of holly and cut each piece off to fit in various places. It was originally $24.99 but like I said before, I got it on sale for $9.99!

Just a little bit of glue here and there. Tah dah! The burlap is my fav. I could put it all over my house.
The "P" I made for a friend and it was a piece of cake to hang. Other letters could be a challenge. I had a difficult time deciding whether or not I wanted to glue the holly on the sides of the letter since it is three-dimensional. After all I chose not to. Now would be a good time to buy this stuff (save for next year) since Christmas decor is on sale! Good luck crafting :)

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