Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer Events

I cant even believe it's already August... where has summer gone?! It's been a very active & eventful one to say the least. Here is a recap of a few of the fun things I did!

I helped a friend out with her two kids this summer. They are totally fun and outgoing. We went on countless bike rides and trips for coffee. (I'm teaching them about Starbucks while they're young :)

I love our local farms. We have several in the Central Valley. The kids really enjoyed walking around the Fresno State farm but most of all they enjoyed the experience of milking cows! 

Water balloon fights rock, of course! 

Instead of going to a paid (overrated) crowded, smelly, poopy diaper infested, dirty water park. We stuck to a local, small splash park right up the street. Not only is it clean but they also have shaved ice! Kids love it, and so do the adults! 

You caught me! Enjoying a shaved ice.

I watched some Major League Baseball live! Went to Universal Studios, Washington on a train (21 hours to be exact, YIKES!), Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and several others. 

Trip to Washington was all around amazing! I think the fam figured out its been 10 years since I last visited. I was way overdue. I loved everything about Seattle besides the rain.  I almost stole the hanging flower baskets but remembered I was returning home on a train and oh, its illegal. They were jaw dropping beautiful. 

Cousin Molly, isn't she super cute?!
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom was a quick, fun day trip. I hadn't been there in 15 years at least. I think I've figured out I'm a little too old for creaky wooden roller-coasters. Definitely felt like I had subdural hematoma immediately following the ride. (In case you were wondering, I'm better now). A friend and I had an opportunity to be in a Dolphin show, but because of a delayed response we missed our chance. Bummer!

For those of you who know me, I highly dislike hotdogs but I ate this anyway.

I should probably consider winding down on my vacationing considering school & work start back in two weeks. There are two more mini trips planned in those two weeks though, so we will see. What can I say, I just LOVE summer and I LOVE being busy! 

 What are some things you did this summer?                     

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