Friday, April 13, 2012

10 days

I have all kinds of things to say today and talk about. I have fun things, achy things, and things I would love to tell you but don't have the time. All in all. This Easter break was great to say the least. I slept more than usual, woke up to eat only sugar, gluten and caffein. Pretty much all the things I'm not supposed to eat! Yup, that was my vacation. 

I've shared many laughs, and memorable conversations with my great grandma who turned the fabulous age of 95. Yes I said it, 95 years young. 

I cooked many meals these past 10 days for several different groups of people in my home. (Ok, maybe I wasn't the chef but I assisted.) 

I played with my twin cousins from the bay area that are 3 going on 30. That was a hoot. First question they asked me, "Why aren't you married"? Fantastic right... How do you answer that?!

I also spent part of Easter sunday with my recently widowed grandmother. This was her first holiday without grandpa Glenn. 

To put it in all in perspective, it was a nice 10 days. Good, bad, better, and surely blessed! Blessed because of this ....

Amazing love how can it be, that you my King would die for me?

God's love for me was THAT great.- Now that's cool!

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