Saturday, April 21, 2012

Smack Down

Here we are, happy weekend folks! We are coming up on another week full of busy schedules and crazy goodness. The other day I had an AH-HA, slap in the face, you're so funny, God moment. It was pretty real.

I went to the park with my friends children. We had a lovely taco bell picnic and enjoyed the gorgeous weather. From a distance I hear a lady yelling and overemphasizing every phrase to her child. As I mumbled "that's annoying" under my breath I looked over and noticed it was a lady, whose blog I follow.

(insert gulp, deep breath)

It's like a reality TV show, you feel like you know the people. You know their life story, their situations, and everything else. It was at that moment I knew exactly what she was doing, and why she was doing it. She's not annoying, but yes overemphasizing. For a good reason.

These characteristics are mine. I see them, I fix them, and I do them. That's my schedule. Haven't you heard the term, "you are what you do"? On a daily basis I work with children who have multiple disabilities and we work as a team. We overemphasize everything we do and we practice, over and over again.

We are all given passions and desires to reach after. Some it takes years to figure out and for others its been pretty darn clear from the beginning. Working with children who have multiple disabilities is not a job it's a lifestyle. Every week I am blessed by the students and I am encouraged to be a better person because of them.

So where am I going with this?

We can be so quick to judge, and make comments just like I did.
It was the moment at the park that I was nudged and given a reminder. Instead of being quick to criticize, look in the mirror and know you may be just like that person.

It was a defining moment.

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