Saturday, April 14, 2012

chits & chats

The weather finally opened up and the much needed rain slowed down. A lovely lady decided to kick it with me this saturday morning. That lovely lady is my cousin Jessica. We sipped on coffee, experimented with some poached eggs and sipped on coffee some more. Pure bliss.

Around noon we finally decided to crawl out of our pj's and take a walk. Boy was it beautiful. The clouds made you feel like it was a fairytail or a painted picture. God's hands were all over it. He's no joke!

Once we arrived to the coffee house we drank some more coffee and got our talk on. We talked about life and the plans we have for the future or thought we had. It's like one day wanting so badly to be a grown up and all of sudden your talking weddings and children, in a matter of bippety boppity boo! I think life can get a wee bit crazy to the point we lose our focus. We tend to think that someday we would get that one thing we thought could fix everything, (losing weight, landing the dream job, getting married, having a baby, etc) yet we will find that we are still ourselves living in this crazy world. Taking time and spending it with those who love and care for us really is encouraging. We need those people to help us navigate our lives.

The talk and the walk were wonderful, even though everytime I go to Starbucks I feel like I'm cheating on my local coffee joint. It's just not within walking distance. (sigh) Every once in awhile a walk frees the mind and gives us hope that This is the Day and to fully embrace it for what it's worth. To remember there is no right way, just a whole lotta good enough ways.

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