Friday, June 14, 2013


The last week of school has wrapped up. Boxes of junk and mess surround the office waiting for a permanent home in the filing cabinet. Looking at my stuff, you'd think I had children of my own. Mr.Potato Head, colorful kid keyboard, magnetic puzzles, etc.

Today I am rewarding myself for successfully making it through Thursday's promotion without a tear. All my Big's and Little's who graduated are moving onto bigger things. The preschoolers/kindergartners were so angsty sitting in their cap and gown. I don't think it stayed on longer than a second... really. Change is usually a challenge for these kids, and wearing a gown (dress) for these boys was definitely a change. Watching them learn and do brave things is so fun. Each of them have grown in one area or another. Language is sprouting and that's what matters.

During the 6th grade promotion each student walked across the stage dressed to a T with princess dresses and mix matched suits. When they made their way across the stage, the college they plan to attend was announced. I pray, strongly pray, that those plans are dreams and those dreams become a reality. The cafeteria was shoulder to shoulder with no wiggle room full of family members watching their kids move on to the next chapter. A majority of these kids come from lower class working families with little to no time spent with them. So this my friends was a really big deal.

When the ceremony concluded I made my way around to give hugs and congratulate my wonderful sixth graders. Their eyes showed excitement to move on yet nervousness to leave consistent comfort. In that moment, I had to pray that God would hold on to them even when they're gonna be just down the street. I pray that He holds them now just like He's always held them before.

God doesn't leave us sitting still for long.. in two weeks I start seeing clients in the am and the pm. Thankful for the opportunity to take on more friends but sometimes we just need to take a deep, long, breath.

I had no idea in September what might happen in June. Opportunities blossoming and clients piling on. It will be a nice schedule change for the summer months. I can smell bbq's, taste watermelon slices, and tons of splashing in the pool. If only, just only, we can enjoy it while it lasts.


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