Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sharing The Hard

Recently, mumbled jumbled thoughts have scattered my brain. Nothing that can seem to form a sentence that would even make sense. Just thoughts.

Let's go back three weeks ago when my older brother Drew was in town. He was visiting from a week leave of deployment before heading off to Afghanistan. It was a time to hang out, love a lot, and daydream of every single thing that we could cram into the hours he was here.

We debated about which patterns and colors we were gonna wear for our family photo shoot. And we sat by the poolside drinking a few brews. Life couldn't get much better than that.

Initially when Drew mentioned to us he was getting deployed we had no idea what that would mean and it scared us sideways to wonder too hard. Our family spent nights on end praying "It's your will God. Do whatever you want." Trusting is hard especially when your brother will be traveling to serve in a war zone.

The months that followed were uncertain and our stomachs turned over and over. But war isn't supposed to feel easy, comfortable, and happy. When he visited he gave a detailed explanation of his job and location of where he would be staying. Not that it was reassuring or comforting but a little more settling than before. I wish that night I was able to record every word he said.

It was beautiful.

His heart overflowed with purpose as to why he has been pushing so hard to serve overseas. It wasn't to gain a stripe or for status, rather for his children, nieces and nephews to see the good he did for our country, that we so take for granted.

Fast forward two weeks. The day he landed overseas the Department of Defense delivered a service flag to our home. The blue star represents a family member serving in a war zone. This flag is to hang in the front window of our home during the period of time that he is serving. It is a special reminder of the sacrifice the men and women give for us to live in a country like we do.

I cannot begin to think of a way to thank these warriors enough for their bravery and sacrifice that they provide for us to live in such a blessed country. As Americans we tend to take for granted the rights that we have. In which we now know aren't rights, but instead priceless gifts given to us by people like you, American soldiers. It is important that we become more aware and that we owe every peaceful moment to you. People like you, Drew, make it so we can be free to work, free to pray, and free to love. You are the reason we Americans can sleep at night. Because you are there, we are here living safe, and for that we are eternally grateful.

Thank you for being you and being my hero. We love you and we are so proud of you. Please let all the other warriors know our appreciation of their sacrifice, being away from families to keep us safe here at home. For they, are also our heroes.

All my honor,

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  1. God bless our troops and your brother for serving our country!