Saturday, July 7, 2012

What I love about Sundays

This past weekend was beautifully hot here in the Central Valley. The typical 100 degree July temperatures. It was just pure magic. When I say magic I mean, a nice coffee walk with mom, a wannabe tan, and a run on some local trails.

What I love about Fresno, California. 

The rolling hills are beautiful, aren't they? Where I live, I'm lucky enough to see them every way I run.

This is what I enjoy, but these guys are tired. They've lived beyond their miles and need to retire.

This weekend was fun. I was able to pause, reflect and breathe. Sometimes a good run helps me do just that. It helps me let go of control and not worry about the unknown.

Sunday's help me catch up on sleep and feel well rested just not exactly rested enough to tackle another week!

Hope your weekend has had it's share of magic too!


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