Monday, July 30, 2012

Escaping Reality

Living in a crazy world, that is constantly throwing us information and busy schedules, it tends to make it difficult to unplug and find peace. The " I need to", " I should do", " I must do" compete with our ever so frantic lives and soon creates stress.

When I was young my most enjoyable days were being outside. Nothing greater than riding my bike, walking to the local corner store for slurpees, and climbing olive trees until the street lights turned on. Even then I was able to find peace.

As I grew older and became an adult it turned into a struggle to find use of the simple activities that are truly enjoyable. Even simple things like going for a run on some local trails didn't prevent me from "hurry up and get back to"... the email, the missed calls, social media accounts, or whatever else was waiting for me.

So after some thought, I have come to an answer to find this peace, which was to explore things I have never done before. In order to find quiet and peace is to venture out to the edge, the place that allows me to release all the "human" thoughts and concentrate on simply just "being".

This weekend I made time to make peace with Yosemite Valley. I was able to look up and stand in complete awe of the soaring peaks that brought a sense of calm. It was breathtaking and emotionally stirring to know that there is something greater.

Hiking 6 miles on the mountain trails, splashing in a Tuolumne River, and driving through the rolling hills just outside of a hectic environment was so relaxing. This was the place to pause, reflect and gain a sense of perspective again.

After hiking a couple miles it was time to refuel with some nutritious food. Nothing better than a packed picnic lunch. 

Pirate Booty does the body good!
Maybe some day in my lifetime I will have the privilege of calling myself an Ahwahnee Hotel guest. Oh how nice that would be. Good food, nice people, and a spectacular atmosphere. While stopping for a bite to eat at the hotel, I cheated a little and had a beer. Ahwahnee Amber Ale that is. 

Before heading back somehow getting across the river was a must. Guess crossing with our shoes on wouldn't hurt. 

Where is the jaw dropping, eye opening, place that you enjoy? Where is the magic for you and more importantly, where do you find peace?


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