Friday, July 13, 2012


These past 4 weeks have been a humongous eye opener for me. I've learned a ton about myself, while working in a behavior classroom of only 5 students.

I've learned how to gage behaviors and determine whether to react as a 10 or 1.

I've learned to embrace the word celebrate and use it daily.

This past weekend my heart ached, as I thought about a parent of a child with Autism. I see this mom every morning when she drops off her child. I see exhaustion, discouragement, with a little bit of hope left on her face. Hope that today will be better, that good news will go home on the daily report and that maybe, just maybe she will be told that her child had an awesome day.

Today I reached out of my comfort zone and asked her if I could give her a hug. I encouraged her to breathe and celebrate the great accomplishments her child is making.

That's just what she needed.

For many parents "normal" is a word they want to hear. For others it's their biggest nightmare. And if you're like me "normal" is just a setting on the dryer.

Having one child with Autism may seem like a lot, imagine having twins who are both on the spectrum? Both with limited vocabulary, both not potty trained, both with self-injurious behavior.

Imagine that.

Think about being the parent, wondering what else you can do to make things right. Juggling ways that would make all the pieces fit together.

Our classroom is made up of only 5 kids. They are given all the accommodations in the world, that's what special about this school. The school ranges from 3 years to 7th grade. A majority of the students that attend will most likely never be in a mainstream school. It's also a school that parents fear of having their child attend. It's not a neighborhood school, it's a commuter, medically fragile, short yellow bus school. But we celebrate that.

At the end of the day what matters is that the kids are going to a school where they are accepted and praised for what they can do! It's a place where we celebrate the things that might seem so small. For it is not about grades, it's about goals.

As you head off to the weekend, do me a favor and remember to celebrate the little things.


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