Saturday, July 28, 2012

Small World Small Fresno

I'm just loving every bit of this summer vacation with perks of not having to work. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but nothing beats having the ability to sleep in until 8am, slowly nurse a cup o Joe, and enjoy my summer day job of laying out.

I guess this whole, getting paid less during the school year to receive a paycheck in the summer isn't so bad. 12 weeks is enough vacation. I'll just say it now, I could not be a stay at home mom. Nope couldn't do it.

I think I'd pull my hair and my eyebrows out... oh wait, I already do that. Props to those mamas who do and find joy in it, but it's definitely not for everyone.

This summer has had many moments that are either by coincidence or a God thing. One of which was today at my neighborhood Starbucks. I don't normally take my dogs because its a bit of a challenge for them. Walking a 1/2 a mile while stopping briefly in the shade is enough. So today we drove.

A lady stopped by to meet the boys (my fur children). She recognized them and told me a detailed story about rescuing two dogs that looked exactly alike. Long story short, it was Fritz & Franz.

Since the rescue of F&F and the experience of bailing them out of dog jail, we have moved across town. Running into a lady in a completely different location, who ran two blocks through traffic to get these guys was one of those moments.

How on earth did I run into a lady that happened to have a connection with my dogs three years ago? Really how? Some would say it just happened that way, but in my opinion God placed us both there at the right time to make that connection.

Thanks God, thank you for showing me that you are there, and thank you for knocking me on the head once again. Sometimes we need those little reminders to appreciate what we have. Lately the man upstairs has been nudging on my heart about various people to pray for. People that have it a hell of a lot worse than I do. Yet I still find room to complain, or show frustration. Just a small connection with a women revealed to me that I need to be more thankful and more appreciative for the things in my life.

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