Thursday, September 29, 2011

Little Obsession

Fall is here... well at least that's what the weather man says. Last I checked, the weather was still in the 100's. I'd say the valley has been pretty lucky this summer. My armpits were still an issue, just not as severe. My running was difficult, but manageable. My acne was flaring, just not as noticeable. Let's just say... Im thankful for changing colors, temperatures, and pumpkins.

I have an obsession, some may claim I'm crazy. I'm fine with that. I most definitely have to blame my mother for this disorder. From a very young age, my mom introduced me to pumpkin. Here's how it went...

Our family started out with pumpkin pie during the holidays, then to ice cream.

Gradually we started buying things that smelled like pumpkin. Fall smells hit the spot. So, not only could you taste the pumpkin in my house but smell it too.

 Pumpkin candles.

Hand wash.
Bathroom spray... It smells so good it makes you wanna go all the time. 

Bath & Body works is a good friend of our family's. Just about every sale they have, I would bet you both my mom and my aunt are there! Last year Bath & Body had Pumpkin Paradise 3-in-1. I loved it. I'm sure walking around smelling like a pumpkin isn't the most attractive thing so I used it for evening baths. Totally relaxing.

Ok, now we're talking. My mom bought our very own pumpkin bread making kit. Too bad it's not gluten free. I am on the lookout for a good g-free pumpkin bread recipe!

My favorite of all, pumpkin spice coffee. Starbucks gets way too much of my money. Luckily this week I found Pumpkin Spice Coffee grounds at TJMaxx. I've never been so excited. It's delicious! Sorry Starbucks, I won!

I think I've shared enough of my pumpkin disorder. Although; some may think it's completely normal. If you're interested, check out the latest pumpkin centerpiece.  Fall moves too fast around here. People get so excited for Christmas, starting countdowns and buying decorations months before. When we rush by changing of the seasons we miss many things: Fall colors are simply the best, carving pumpkins, eating all the delicious foods and so forth. There is just so much to enjoy and be thankful for. 

What's your favorite thing about fall? 


  1. So the next time I see you, your probably gonna be orange. And smell really good. :)
    I can't wait for the cooler weather. Perfect for running.

  2. You're totally right! When I was a toddler my mom couldn't figure out why I was turning orange. Doctor said I had too much carotene from eating orange foods.