Saturday, November 24, 2012

Batch Full of Gratitude

So about this time everyone has a food baby, is in food coma, or feels like they gained 10 pounds. I completely understand. I'm not much of a thanksgiving feast person. That doesn't mean I'm not thankful, in fact that's my favorite part of Thanksgiving.

I will say... this family knows how to cook on turkey day. It's no joke. All tradition, with a counter full of food and a big scoop of goodness.

A thanksgiving favorite is made by cousin Madison. She can whip up the meanest ambrosia in town. By "meanest" I mean the best EVER! My sister-in-law asks for her own container of left overs to take home.

The family drew numbers before supper and sat wherever the corresponding number was. They were all scattered amongst two tables. I did this on purpose. For years there has been a kids table and an adult table. Spouses sit together, boyfriends and girlfriends sit together and it's the same ol thang every single time.

So this year, you were forced to sit next to the long lost aunt you haven't seen in years. Or your annoying brother who chomps on his food. Just kidding. We don't have crazies like that. I did this to create conversation. It was a fantastic idea. Maybe even a way for us to reflect and be thankful.

Speaking of thankful, I'm sure if we all took time to write down everything we were thankful for it would create enough room for it's own shelf on a book case. I think ultimately our life would be better spent, living gratitude, than writing every great deal down on paper. So instead, this year I wanted us to write ONE word describing what we are thankful for. Something that is pinned to the inside surface of our hearts, every day.

It was special.

Each generation had different perspectives on what they are thankful for. As we went around the table to announce our thankfulness they began to change with age. Youngsters are thankful for jobs, and friends, Whereas; the grandmas and grandpas are thankful for health and freedom or Mountain West Conference Champs.

Handsome older brother, Drew. Last Thanksgiving before he deploys.
So here were are with stuffed bellies, getting settled back in after much frolicking around town from one event to another. In two short days the fall decor will be making its way back in the boxes and the poinsettias, Christmas lights, and advent will appear. Just another triple batch of good and glowy things.

This is Thanksgiving at its best.

Happy Day Folks!


What's your favorite part about Thanksgiving?

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