Sunday, February 12, 2012

For Crayon Out Loud!

Valentine's day is a few days away. It's just another one of those holidays where stores try to get us to spend money. Instead of spending a fortune on valentines, I decided to create something from home. Something useful.  Something that doesnt give into the sugar high that most of our children will go through.

Anywho, this week I was searching through my newest addiction Pinterest and found this fun idea. My heart was set on making a home made craft for my students. Heart crayons. Little time and 2 dollars worth of money, batta bing!

The most tedious part was striping the paper off each crayon. A way to avoid fingers hurting would be to soak them in water over night. This will help the paper come off.  It was abosultely necessary.

The majority of the tutorials that I looked at showed pictures of aluminum pans. A crafty friend from church suggested her silicone cut out instead. She claimed it worked like a gem, and it did.

I bought 2 boxes of 64 rose Art Crayons from the local Dollar Tree. I split them up by color and filled the pan accordingly.

I made a tag to go with each crayon that said "For Crayon Out Loud, Happy Valentine's Day" and "You Color My World".

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  1. They turned out really cute! I'm sure your students will love them! Good job! :):)