Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Brighter Light

I've never been a big New Year resolution person. We all know how they end up... right where they began.

So I've considered something new this year. A resolution that is challenging but purposeful. Something that will make every season a season of increased faith.

Here they go!

- Recognize my creator- Makes me more humble
- Strive to be a vessel of love-Makes me more loving & lovable
-Set aside time daily to spend in spiritual reflection & contemplation-Makes me stronger
-Become more accepting-Makes me gracious
-Forgive those I have not forgiven-Makes me kind
-Recognize my mistakes- Makes me responsible
-See good in others- Makes me positive
-Take stock of my thoughts & behavior-Makes me grow
-Bless the world- Makes me beautiful
-Use each interaction to the best, most powerful version of myself- Makes me a conduit of God's love.

He sent his son into this world not to shine a light but to be a light. My goal this year is to be a light that God intended for me to be. It doesn't necessarily mean I have to meet each and every one of these goals... it's more of a lifestyle change intended to help me grow.

I'm not a quitter, I'm an accomplisher. If I want it, I'll make it happen.

My challenge to you- When God shines light into your heart this year, whether through a book, friend, sermon, or someone on the street; take advantage of it and allow it to bring change in you, and not refuse.

Lets tackle 2012!