Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Survived!

the 3.1 hellish miles...

Leaping over fire, creeping along quivering cable, crawling through tangled nets, hurdling over barricades then crawling under barbed wire, and swimming under muddy mayhem are a few of the obstacle course challenges proceeding a well deserved beer at the finish line.

After signing my life away, I knew it was official.

There were many participants who took this a lot more seriously than I did, decking themselves out in costumes or choosing to wear hardly anything at all. This is my only regret of the day. Better believe, I will be fully equipped and ready to impress next year. 

So the race started off with 1.5 miles of running, praying you didn't fall into a ground squirrels hole. 

Then came the rugged obstacle course. 

I didn't have a specific time to finish but merely just TO finish. And I did, 41:22!

I swam through the mud pit hovered by barbed wire and passed the finish line with a reasonable time only to find out my shower afterwards was a fire hose. It blasted the group of finishers in attempts to remove the thickness of mud clinging to us.  

This gentleman was educating me on how to hose off. I tried my hardest not to stare at his spandex.

My clothes made the trash and my shoes were donated to a charity. 

The Warrior Dash  was one of the best races I have ever done. It was by far one of the most organized events as well. I encourage you to sign up for a good time! See you next year!

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