Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beyond Blessed

So I’m a little bit behind schedule on blogging… obviously, just started yesterday. So much craziness in the air and not enough time to jot it all down.

My great grandma was in town from the state of bead throwers, beignet eaters, & superdome cheerleaders. Can you guess where? At 94 years old she is walking without a crutch, doing her daily calf raises & enjoying her evening margaritas. Can I get an Amen?!

I was lucky enough to have some really good conversations with her during her visit. Those are the moments I will cherish most. Her since of humor, smile, & compliments will forever hold a place in my heart. Not many people are blessed to have a great grandma like me.

Three Generations 

It’s always hard to say goodbye not knowing exactly when I will see her again (Even though all of us believe she will out live us). What I do know is, she has an abounding love for the Lord & will have eternal life. Cool huh? 

A month ago my mom left me an article to read. It really made me think about things & touched me in a spot that I knew needed some work. Spending quality time with our aging loved ones. Regardless of my hectic schedule & busy life, they deserve love, time & respect too.

Four Generations
(well shoot, I sure know who I'm gonna look like)

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  1. It doesn't matter who you look like, they are all so beautiful!